3AM CORP: The Balbazar Resort

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3AM CORP is an episodic horror/psychological thriller game series. This first episode, The Balbazar Resort, is free to play. More episodes are coming soon.

Beware of Balbazar in this horror/psychological thriller adventure. Evade the enigmatic Balbazar, use your wits and homemade sleuth kit to capture proof that something ominous is happening, and make it out alive. Do not get caught. The cops aren't doing anything... perhaps there's a reason.Welcome to The Balbazar Resort!A solo mission into an abandoned, eccentric millionaire's passion project at 3am, what could possibly go wrong?
Beware of Balbazar Some say he's derranged, some say he's just protecting his life's purpose and his sanity closed down with the resort. Some say he doesn't even exist.
The Homemade Sleuth Kit Nothing beats a shoddy homemade sleuth kit for entering an abandoned resort at 3AM.

Phanto's Polaroid Camera: Turning awkward moments into instant classics. Or for capturing evidence.

Night Vision. For those who actually WANT to see in the dark.

Nobody goes into an abandoned resort at 3am without a Flashlight. Even if it was borrowed from a questionable classmate years ago.

And more! Keep your wits about you. ..And your eyes and ears wide open.
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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