3D Minion Run Adventure : Banana Rush 2

Play 3D Minion Run Adventure : Banana Rush 2
    Welcom to all minions fun, this is 3D Banana Legends : Minion Adventure rush a new running game just for you.
    In this game there will be many useful items for you, such as: rocket to fly, skateboard, jumping boots, and others despicable road banana.
    - Choose the cute minion banana jump, useful to me despicable run faster and jump over many trains that block you.
    power-up and destroy all the villian subway minion guardian of temple to escape this subway banana minion rush city surfer escape. But be careful super hero minion run and bad minion runner, you will need to train your fast reflex and finger in this side scrolling platform game.
    Use in-game |3D minion banana adventure rush| analog to move your cute despicable minion love banana rush and banana dashon this running game rush and dash. Solve the puzzle in order

    - Skateboard, surfing gru minion belt of rail road tracks safely and quickly.
    - Gold minion banana Star, useful to double gold banana rush coins and banana dash coins that you get from the minion rush surfers
    - The me despicable banana dash, it’s an adventure game Super minion Subway Surf 3D 2018
    - When you are pursued by a robot minion guard monkey or ranger, you must run, roll and stay away from the robot guard, when you run, you will find many challenges that can make you fail to succeed in the subway banana rush game 2018.
    That's how to play this despicable banana Rush 3D 2018, hopefully be entertained.
    Thanks for download!

    - Beautiful new graphics
    - Gorgeous new organic environments
    - New obstacles
    - More power ups
    - Special powers for each character
    - Bigger monkey!!!
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    Available on devices:
    • Android
    • Smart TV