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Defeat legendary abominations, build-craft unstoppable combinations of enchanted items, investigate an ancient evil, and ascend to freedom!

Ascendant is a dungeon crawler with with heavy Rogue-like elements. You will encounter 3 challenging biome specific enemies types as well as a new Mini-Boss on every floor! Open soul chests to acquire items with magical attributes. Many of these items synergize with each other to create powerful combinations.

Key Features: 3 Unique Biomes
6 Bosses
6 Mini-Bosses
9 Enemy Types
100+ Abilities
Tangia EnabledTangia Integration:Through the power of Tangia, streamers can allow their audience to directly control their game!

Draw an Enemy: Draw an enemy and send it in game to fight the player!
Spawn an Enemy: Send an enemy in game to fight the player!
Brain Drain: Drain the player's aspect meter!
Arcaniac: Give the player a gatling wand for 5 seconds!
Infinite Arcane: Wand casts are free for 5 seconds!
On release this game will include Tangia integration enabling Twitch streamers to allow their audiences to directly affect their game through status effects, monster spawning and more! (NOT AVAILABLE IN DEMO).
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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