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Welcome to Asmr Makeup, the ultimate simulation game where your creativity and makeup skills are put to the test! Step into the shoes of a professional makeup artist and create breathtaking transformations using a range of high-quality makeup products and tools.

From the comfortable studio environment to the diverse range of makeup options, Asmr Makeup offers an immersive experience that will keep you hooked. Choose from a variety of bases, eye shadows, lip colors, and more to create unique and eye-catching looks. Apply makeup with precision using the intuitive touch controls, and watch as your models' faces come to life with each stroke.

What's more, Asmr Makeup features calming sounds and relaxing visuals designed to trigger the sensation of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). This unique blend of makeup artistry and ASMR will leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied as you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of beauty and creativity.

Challenge yourself with different makeup challenges and unlock exclusive content to expand your makeup collection. Share your creations with the community and show off your makeup skills!

Asmr Makeup is the perfect game for makeup lovers, creative minds, and anyone who wants to escape into a world of beauty and relaxation. So, grab your makeup kit and get ready to transform yourself and others with the power of makeup magic!
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV