Asteroid Defence

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Engage in the heart of the cosmos with Asteroid Defence. As the universe thrusts asteroids towards you in hyperspace, you're stationary at the epicenter. There's no evading, no retreating - just your ship, your aim, and an endless barrage of space rocks.

• Stationary Strategy: Anchored in hyperspace, success hinges on your shooting accuracy, not movement.
• Ceaseless Cosmic Challenge: The asteroid onslaught intensifies over time, each more unpredictable than the last. How many can you obliterate?
• Leaderboard Legacy: Ascend the global rankings. Outplay, outlast, and outscore players from all corners of the galaxy.
• Retro Resonance: Immerse yourself in an arcade experience, complete with classic graphics and atmospheric soundtracks.
• Boom or Bust: Survive wave after wave or face a spectacular explosion upon asteroid impact. Each session is a challenge to outdo your personal best.

Iconic arcade shooting set against the backdrop of space.
Competitive leaderboards to showcase your prowess.
Gameplay mechanics that cater to both newcomers and arcade veterans.
A visual and auditory journey back to the golden age of gaming.
Step into hyperspace and stand your ground against the universe's fiercest asteroid assault. Can you rise to the challenge and set a new high score?. If you're enjoying Asteroid Defence, we'd appreciate your support with a rating and review. Stay updated with our community for the latest game news and cosmic events.
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV