Basics In Intermediate Filmmaking

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Basics In Intermediate Filmmaking is a pre-apocalyptic puzzle horror. You explore an abandonded power plant in order to document what happened to the infamous Fortitude Electric power company. Use your camera to solve different puzzles around the facility, and try to survive in this industrial ruin.

Play as an intermediate ;) videographer who is documenting the rise and fall of the infamous power company Fortitude Electric. After attempting to get some footage of the power plant, you get trapped inside the underground facility. Always listen to Fortitudes trusty mascot: Gassy the gas man! Try to stay alive, and uncover the secrets of Fortitude Electric's dark past.

Use your camera to cleverly make your way through the facility, with the many products developed by Fortitude Electric. Such as:

- Holosplash, a special paint designed to only be seen through video cameras

- The Shine Charge, a camera attachment that can move a single light source from one point to another!

- The Pulse Anchor, a not completely tested product that pulls employees up to reach high places!

Always remember, at Fortitude Electric safety pays you!
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