Play BattleClaws
BattleClaws is a competitive, 2 - 4 player tournament that throws you into a mechanical showdown against the clock, and your friends!
Get ready to battle it out in a party game that will redefine the way you view claw machines (and friendships).
Claw yourself enough points to progress to the next round, or face humiliating defeat. Rivalries are not just encouraged; they're practically mandatory.

BattleClaws features:

Non-stop Competitive Action
Battle it out to be the last claw standing!
After each round, the player with the lowest score is eliminated, raising the stakes until only one claw remains!

Game Changing Power-Ups
Shake it up! Grab the special collectibles and introduce random effects to the round.
Speed Boost - Leave your opponents in the dust while you zip around the arena.
Double Points - Double the points, half the work.
Shuffle Zones - Balls dropping a little too conveniently for everyone else? Switch it up to level the playing field!
Lock Down - Pile on the pressure by locking your opponents out of a drop zone.
Frozen Metal - Freeze the other players solid and make those precious seconds count!

All-Time High Score Leaderboard
Grab the opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the all-time high score leaderboard. Secure your bragging rights by cinching the top score and rub it in whenever you get the chance.
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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