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In a world where Bonnie Bear's self-worth hits rock bottom after a challenging year, fate takes an unexpected turn on the night of their bearday. By the sheer sliver of a star's chance, Bonnie embarks on a whimsical adventure that any bear dressed as a frog has ever undertaken! The mission? Simple yet profound: save the world and rediscover your self-worth along the way, all through the enchanting Game of Frogs.

Step into the paws of Bonnie Bear and immerse yourself in this delightful and comedic RPG journey.

Explore the eight seasDive into a fantastical world, brimming with vibrant colors and hidden treasures, where each corner invites you to sit, soak in the ambiance, and bask in its charm.

RibbitCollect, trade, and purchase a delightful array of colorful frogs to accompany you on your extraordinary quest.A Game of FrogsEngage in the strategic and tactical Game of Frogs, where you'll maneuver your froggy friends across the field, vying to outscore your opponents. Deploy different frog species to outmaneuver, leapfrog, or send adversaries soaring off the field! (After all, that's how all conflicts are resolved in this particular realm)

You're worth itLevel up your self-worth and unlock an assortment of awe-inspiring abilities, unexplored locales, and fantastical frogs to bolster your companionship.

Don't be a strangerForge endearing friendships and face off against quirky challengers, such as Plank, the surfing plank; Plu, the friendly umbrella; and Hoot, the wood-sized woodman.Shh, just play the hitsImmerse yourself in an enchanting musical experience with original indie songs by Bonte Avond. Play harmoniously with in-game instruments, where your melodic contributions will always resonate beautifully, regardless of your musical skills.In short...Embark on an unforgettable escapade with Bonnie Bear, where laughter, self-discovery, and the joyful embrace of amphibian companionship await at every turn. Get ready to save the world and find your self-worth in the most ribbiting way possible!Join our Discord community for more updates, friendly folk and community events :)
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