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A deadly plague arrives as a falling meteorite lands at BOXHEAD World. Mankind with blood type B gets infected by the plague and becomes zombie like creatures. You who are trying to survive this purgatorial world must shoot your first bullet, and trigger any explosive materials to demolish in this bloody battleground.

Boxhead: Immortal is a third person cartoon shooting game. It is created under the authorization of Fire Source Studio with the continuous series of Boxhead. This game is made possible with the previous work of Sean Cooper and the sponsor of Crazy Monkey Games and the previous Boxhead is a series of highly acclaimed classic Flash games. This game continues and extends the classic art style and background settings from previous work. Moreover, our team has polished details of the maps and unique game features for your best gaming experience. In game, players can use firearms, oil buckets, and grenades to intensify the battle between humans and zombies. The game includes single player, multiplayer, as well as P2P multiplayer LAN connection (Under development). The game includes three game modes: Classic Mode, Endless Mode, and Campaign Mode. However, Classic Mode and Campaign Mode are still under development.

Classic Mode
1:1 replica of the details in the previous Boxhead games. This brings the original nostalgic experience! In Classic Mode, there are 4 skins for you to choose that comes along with the classical maps with various layouts. Changing a map gives you the feeling of a brand new game. You can also get other useful weapons and props by picking up red boxes.

Endless Mode
With one or more players, the goal of this game mode is to face endless waves of zombie and try to survive as long as possible. The game keeps the classic game core however proceeds with a major update. This game mode uses the Rouge element to retain the entertainment when playing repeatedly. Before starting the game, players can choose their own skin as well as a role. Every role contains its own various features to match the player’s likes. Lastly, diverse maps are available to play.

Campaign Mode
Everything seems to start from the meteorite, or the government. Who knows? However all this does not matter with the problems you are facing- surviving is much more important. As the scene intensifies, the players will soon be covered by waves of zombies as they find out the hidden lore in the map, solving the erosion. The map confidently includes designs for the players to have an adventurous experience. To make the game even more interesting, at the end of the game, the players face an infected zombie boss that gets released. With all the polished designs, this game mode guarantees exciting game experience.
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  • Windows


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