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In the pulsing heart of a nameless club, You grip a pump-action shotgun .It's weight grounding you amidst the thumping bass. Across the worn table, the Dealer sits shrouded in anonymity, a mask barely concealing its steely logic. This ain't your Regular Russian Roulette. Here, chambers whisper with the potential for buckshot fury, each pull a action carved in lead.

Forget pale imitations. Buckshot Roulette Arcade serves up a fresh experience for those brave enough to face the danger.

15-20 minutes of heart-pounding tension: No time for bloat, just pure, white-knuckled gameplay.

Immerse yourself in the tangible danger: Feel the weight of the shotgun, hear the shells clink, react to every unscripted twist.

Each round, a unique action: Control your destiny, but be prepared for the buckshot to fly in unexpected ways. Replayability awaits the survivors.

Outsmart the Dealer's cunning AI: It reads the table, not your mind. Adapt, strategize, and prove you're more than just another lucky chump.

Step up, gunslinger. Leave the imitators behind. In Buckshot Roulette Arcade, the only question is: Do you have the guts to pull the trigger on a truly original thrill?

Only one true champion walks away. Will it be you, or will you become another cautionary tale ?
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV


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