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"Fruit Catcher" is a fun and addictive game where players are challenged to catch falling fruits using a basket. The goal is to catch as many fruits as possible while avoiding letting them reach the ground. The player controls a basket at the bottom of the screen and must move it left and right to catch the falling fruits. Each successfully caught fruit earns points, while missing a fruit deducts a life. The game becomes progressively more challenging as the fruits fall faster and the player's reflexes are put to the test. The objective is to achieve the highest score possible before running out of lives. With colorful visuals, intuitive controls, and exciting gameplay, "Fruit Catcher" provides an engaging experience for players of all ages. Get ready to test your hand-eye coordination and enjoy the thrill of catching fruits in this delightful and fast-paced game!
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV


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