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Become PaintUtilize paint based mechanics to experience a constant state of flow - dive into the ground and walls, slice through the air and enemies!Wield Your BrushBecome stronger by unlocking new techniques with your brush that aid you in defeating threatening foes, overcoming platform challenges, solving complex puzzles and advancing your progress.

Discover YourselfExplore more than six unique biomes, countless secrets, multiple paths, characters, side quests and collectibles in Constance’s non-linear interconnected inner-world!Strive For BalanceUsing your brush techniques will corrupt your paint. If you become fully corrupted, negative effects await you, so be wary!Get InspiredUse inspirations that you find on your travels to sketch in your journal. Your sketches enhance and customize Constance’s capabilities. By gathering materials, you can upgrade your sketches into even stronger artworks.Choice In DeathUpon death, choose how to continue your journey. Do you want to persevere through the challenge, for a price? Or do you return to a safe-point and explore other unbeaten paths?Rich Imagined WorldThe inner-world is strongly connected to Constance’s mental health journey, with each biome and its unique set of enemies and characters representing different aspects of her psyche and personal history.Interactive BackstoryExperience playable flashbacks about personal struggle, creativity, work-life-balance, and inner purpose. Step into Constance’s socks to uncover her past!
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