Criminal Case: Logic Puzzle

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Enter the thrilling world of crime-solving with "Criminal Case: Logic Puzzle"! Immerse yourself in a captivating narrative where you take on the role of a brilliant detective tasked with unravelling complex mysteries, solving thefts, and busting smuggling rings.

Solve Mysterious Crimes:
Step into the shoes of a seasoned detective and put your analytical skills to the test. Each level presents a baffling crime scene, and it's up to you to piece together the clues, identify suspects, and ultimately solve the case.

Uncover Hidden Secrets:
As you delve deeper into each investigation, you'll uncover a web of secrets, lies, and conspiracies. Question witnesses, examine evidence, and match each character to their rightful place in the story. Your deductive reasoning is your most potent weapon.

Use Logic and Deduction:
"Logic Puzzle" gameplay mechanics challenge your wits and critical thinking. Drag and drop suspects into their appropriate locations within the crime scene. Pay close attention to the clues provided, as making an incorrect match deducts one of your precious lives.

Justice Awaits:
The stakes are high, and justice must prevail. Can you crack the case before it's too late? Each mistake brings you one step closer to failure. Make three wrong choices, and the level ends. Every decision matters.


Gripping and immersive storyline filled with twists and turns.
A variety of intriguing cases to crack, from murder mysteries to thefts and smuggling.
Stunning, realistic crime scenes to explore.
Engaging logic-based gameplay that challenges your deductive skills.
A wide array of suspects to interrogate and match with their crime scene roles.
Boosters and power-ups to aid your investigation.
Hours of addictive gameplay with continuous updates and new cases.
Are you ready to become a master detective and uncover the truth behind the crimes? Download "Criminal Case: Logic Puzzle" now and embark on a thrilling journey into the world of criminal investigation! The fate of justice rests in your hands.
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