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Inspired by the Vietmam's Mobile Police Force - CSCĐ. This is a Indie game project developed by LegionTeam, consist of people who have a special passion for hardcore tactical FPS genre.

Let's explore what the game can provide!1. VIETNAMESE ENVIRONMENT

Our maps are designed according to modern Vietnam environment with narrow streets, side by side tube houses, unique complex alley system etc. This might really affect the way players deploy their tactics. If American cities or the sandy Middle East battlefields has taken you away from excitement, lets embrace the new wind called Vietnam!2. INTERESTING GUNPLAY

Dynamic shooting mechanisms with variety of weapons help player to choose their fighting style for many different situations in game. You want an accurate shot? Execute some real life aiming techniques to achieve it!3. CHALLENGING AI SYSTEM

We has been paying special attention to AI system since the earliest days of development, giving them many advanced combat abilities like tracking target skills, coordinating with teammates, interacting with surrounding environment, choosing the best way to move around, even flanking. Promises to bring player a really tough experience in combat.4. EFFECTIVE SUPPORT GADGETS
In game, CSCĐ operators are equipped with cutting-edge gadgets which give player advantages for fighting against reckless hostile forces and reducing unnessesary casualties.5. OPERATORS MANAGEMENT

There are 15 operators who are under player management, devided into 3 squads for each mission. Through engaging in battles, CSCĐ operators will develop and enhance their skills.

The unit's achievements will be recorded in the player's profile. During missions, you must be very careful because if an experienced soldier dies, it will be a heavy loss for the team.6. MODDING, CUSTOM MAP

The game provides some useful tools for modding support. Focus on weapons, character and custom maps.
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