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--A Dark Epic Fantasy MMO to Die For--
A AAA title forged in Unreal Engine, with PBR material real-time rendering that looks straight out of a movie. This dark fantasy MMO masterpiece will shake you to your core!
Darkness blankets the realm. Explore the mysterious lost empire and venture into uncharted territories. Defend against the encroaching forces of evil by rallying your squad - form parties and wage legendary battles against bosses that crawled out of the abyss! Gear up and embark on an epic adventure to fight for the last bastion of light!
【A Dark 3D Fantasy Masterpiece Reborn】
Built from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4, soar free as a bird and touch the clouds, dive to crushing depths to uncover sunken treasures, and immerse yourself in a fully 3D open fantasy world. No boundaries exist in this 360-degree immersive dark fantasy realm.
【Explore Uncharted Realms. Uncover a Lost Civilization】
Explore a dark, fantastical land spanning over 5,500 sq km. Traverse to the Cursed Ruins, Deathwood Forest, and the Dark Realm and unravel their ancient mysteries. Bountiful treasures await the treasure hunters brave enough to venture forth.
【Forces of Darkness Encroach. Assemble to Battle the Dark Lords】
Light has been torn asunder, and abominations overrun the world. Rally your brothers-in-arms to the battlefield and challenge terrifying dark lords of nightmares. Root out evil in its unholy lairs - eradicating darkness is an eternal struggle.
【Choose Your Class. Git Gud and Become OP】
Evil is devouring the last sanctuary - its defense is tantamount to life and death. Pick your class and begin your journey. Strengthen your character through various upgrades and empowerments. When upgrading gear, all buffs, gems, and customizations carry over - no resource goes to waste.
【Loot Galore. Plentiful Drops Across All Realms】
The lands teem with bounties to plunder - rare gear, gems, and even mounts await the worthy. Equal loot chances reign supreme. Take your spoils to the auction house and let the bidding wars begin. Get ready to experience the rush of becoming a millionaire overnight!
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