Detective Dotson

Play Detective Dotson
Solve mysteries in the most intriguing place on Earth - modern day India!
Explore freely with open ended action platforming
Find clues and connect the dots
Customize Dotson to give the detective his superpower - disguise!
Interact with an array of locals
They can help you with info or missions to make money
But remember - they may not be who they seem!

Mission 1: Who Killed Dad?
Dotson never wanted to be a detective.
That was his dad's thing.
Dotson want's to be an actor, in bollywood!
But dad's mysterious death has cast him into his greatest role yet.
Detective Dotson.

Mission 2 and beyond
Spoiler alert: I've already said too much!
Let's just say things really get BLOWN out of proportion!

But wait, there's more!

Detective Dotson is also a 3 part mini series
The thrilling episodes take place right before the story of the game
They serve up a tantalizing mix of mysteries for you to solve!

A love letter to India

We are an Indian team with worldwide experience - Pixar, Electronic Arts, Prana
We are very excited to take you on a wild cultural joyride through India
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Available on devices:
  • Windows