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Draw Basket, as the name suggests, is a mobile game that aims to score baskets by drawing lines around the hoop. The aim of the players is to get the highest score by throwing the given balls into the basket with the right angle and power.

In the game, each level has different difficulties and obstacles. Players create the line by tapping or swiping their finger to draw the correct line. Drawing the right line will keep the ball moving in the right direction and speed and will make it easier to get into the basket.

Success in the game is achieved both by drawing the right line and throwing the balls into the basket at the right time. In each level, players have goals that they need to achieve a certain score. By achieving high scores, players can access new levels and challenges.

Draw Basket offers an enjoyable mobile gaming experience with its simple and addictive gameplay. It tests players' dexterity, strategic thinking and quick reflexes.
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV