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"Dye the Bunny. Ellie, you have to dye the Bunny."

Dye The Bunny 2 is an Easter-themed psychological and survival horror game and a direct sequel to Dye The Bunny, following the events of the first game, continuing the story and pushing little Ellie onto a new horrifying adventure.

After Ellie left her home, she finds herself in the house with the Bunny, where she accidentally hurts the Bunny and now she's the only one who can find the cure and heal him. She leaves the surreal world and following rabbit holes that lead her to dangerous places, she's forced to commit horrible acts to save the Bunny.

Dye The Bunny 2 is more than a scary puzzle and exploration game this time, it offers survival horror elements: running, hiding, inventory system, side areas and a lot of extras inside the main game and out of the main campaign.

A lot more areas present themselves in this sequel too, varying from the surreal world of the Bunny to locations leading Ellie into a forest hut, a gas station and an abandoned play area with treehouses to explore in a deep forest of red mist.
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