FoolHut Pack - 3 games in 1

Play FoolHut Pack - 3 games in 1
The FoolHut Pack contains three* games:

You Died But A Picomancer Revived You: Find the correct path to the stairs using nonogram logic!
PuPaiPo Space 3D DX - color edition - : Arcade space shooter in "three dee".
Red Handsome Loop: Run around in circles and watch out for obstacles!
These games were developed for April Fools and are tiny re-invented versions of BolHut games. Now you can play them all together in one pack! All three games have gotten extra polish and new stuff like extra levels or new enemies, as well as adding achievements and other settings.

A bug in the code causes all three games to merge into one, making a new fourth game called YDPPPRHL, can you defeat the hordes of endless demons?
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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