Get Out Joey!

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Help arrogant Joey rise to the surface. In a unique, gigantic maze-like world, you'll have to use your concentration and skill to avoid losing out to the dangers.

Joey's graceful movementsOf course you can jump! Jumping is an essential part of the gameplay. Short jumps, long jumps, millimetric jumps, always. Watch out for the fall!
Hey ho, you can rush too! Jump too short? Platform too far? Go for it! But watch out for the fall!
Swing! With your spear, you'll be able to hold on to certain parts of the scenery and swing to progress through your adventure. This technique is often essential for crossing huge chasms. But, once again: BEWARE OF FALLS!
What Joey doesn't know, but you do, nowThe world is spinning. Regularly, gravity will knock you off your feet. The closer you get to the top, the harder the fall.
You can activate checkpoints. Just so you don't rage too often. That would be a shame.
There's also a drop counter to depress you and compare you to your buddies.

Joey's final word:
"- I'm great, I've got a big bag and a magic spear.
But I'm stuck here, and I've got to get out. Hurry!"

(Joey is arrogant)
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Available on devices:
  • Windows