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Heretical is a Rogue-lite Action RPG with Soulslike elements, set in a medieval dark fantasy world of Aelyndor where dying is part of progression. With deep RPG mechanics, engaging narrative, and countless custom character builds, each play run offers a unique experience.

WELCOME TO SANCTORA MOUNTAINSanctora Mountain, the crown jewel of Aelyndor, now exsists in isolation, locked away from the rest of the world. Its ruler, the mighty Abidan, presides over the remaining populace with an iron fist, making sure he retains control over the Sanctorite mines - the source of all magic.

At the same time, a mysterious entity stands cursed and bound to a crumbling church, a reminder of the lost faith. There, he offers guidance to heroes who enter this world looking for absolution.HEROES OF SANCTORATo enter Abidan's realm, first you have to choose one of the heroes and guide them from the Sanctuary of the Forlorn to the gates of Sanctora Manor. On this path, you'll encounter powerful bosses that will test your acquired skills to their very limits.

Should you fail, use that as a lesson learned for the next encounter, as well as an opportunity to help your hero permanently unlock powerful skills and unique weapons.NEVER THE SAME EXPERIENCE TWICEAlthough the world of Heretical is based on linear progression, no two play runs are ever the same. Through random item drops, multitude of skill combinations, and different play styles of each of the heroes, Heretical offers countless variations to the way you venture up to the top of Sanctora Mountain.
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