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About the GameOrdinary story
It’s a usual story that takes place in our time in Russia. Sasha came to Khrushchevsk town to visit his granny, whom he had not seen for a long time. He used to spend all his summers in this town when he was a little boy and knew all the children in the play yard and even neighbours. Sasha’s granny had recently felt worser, so he decided to visit her. He should figure out is it a real disease or something else…

Holidays in Khrushchevsk is a psychological horror game in the genre of "walking simulator"
Average game completion time: 50 minutes

Holidays in Khrushchevsk is a game that will be familiar to everyone who grew up in Russia and the CIS. The developer tried to make the atmosphere of the past and to reveal some problems that exist at the moment. The story took place last summer.

The main emphasis of the game is on the process of exploration, as the tension slowly builds up, creating an even more complete and vivid effect of presence.

The developer describes the content like this:
The game contains scenes of violence that can cause negative impact on the psyche. The game also contains scenes of alcohol or drugs, as well as elements that may not be suitable for people of a certain age. A reasonable restriction of the audience of the game is recommended.

Game Features:
- The main genre of the game is "Walking Simulator";
- The gameplay is close to realism.
- You will need to study carefully the environment to complete the game
- It’s better to read all notes and assignments to understand the plot
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Available on devices:
  • Windows