Horse Racing

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    Experience the excitement of Horse Racing, an electrifying multiplayer game that invites 1-6 players to immerse themselves in the world of virtual horse racing. Utilize your smartphone to place strategic coin bets on the races and witness the thrilling spectacle unfold before your eyes.

    Navigate the adrenaline-pumping races with skill, as your strategic use of winnings becomes crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. Betting on the winning horse not only adds an exhilarating twist to the race but also triples your stake, creating a dynamic and intense gaming experience. However, tread carefully to avoid ending up in the red.

    Prepare yourself for the ultimate race of a lifetime. Saddle up, showcase your jockey skills, and may the most adept player emerge victorious!

    *Note This App ONLY works with the PS4™ Horse Racing game and both devices have to be connected to the same local 2.4G WiFi
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