Idle Hero : Castle Puzzle

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Unlock powerful boosters and compete in exciting matches

Explore and collect coins and amazing chests

Easy to learn, but still, be challenging

Castle, Princess, Puzzles! Help the princess build the castle, solve challenging puzzles and find hidden treasures! Castle Match offers a unique gaming experience unlike any other. In this interactive fantasy, you can explore a variety of environments, and match and collect the treasure in this game to become the super Matcher.

Jump into the world of eternal treasure and start your journey to become the ultimate Top Matcher. You'll have to match 3 or more items together to progress on every level. Make sure to try and collect as many treasures as you can along the way! Create amazing combos and use special boosters to help you win the match and reach the big rewards.

Blast your way through royal levels with awesome graphics, soothing sound, and polished game mechanics. The game is colorful and vibrant, immersing players in a land of adventure. The audio and soundtrack immerse you even more and add to the atmosphere. Enjoy the thrill of discovering new challenges, and unlock special power-ups you can use during the games. Take part in exclusive seasonal challenges and lead your team to victory to win exclusive rewards!
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV