It's Not Rocket Science!

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It’s Not Rocket Science! offers 2 versus 2 local multiplayer. It is played with controllers.

With the help of the other player in your team, build the best and tallest rocket of them all. Reach for the stars by stacking blocks on top of each other, and take extra care when placing them, as one wrong move might knock everything down… Luckily for you, a little glue can go a long way to consolidate your rocket.

The other team’s rocket is looking a bit too good for you? NO PROBLEM! Use the cannon power-up, or even steal blocks from your opponent’s hands to hinder their construction! There is no such thing as a “disloyal move”, in It’s Not Rocket Science!.

Once your rockets are built to the best of your capacities, it’s time to take them for a test drive: race the other team through the stars, and be the first team to reach the finish line!
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Available on devices:
  • Windows