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The main character was stucked in jungle. Now you must help it to escape,jump and get avoid different obstacles in order to pass diferent levels also you will discover new territories with different enemies.

JungleRing2D is a action game with multiple new territories. Your goal is escape,resist and avoid different enemies,but how you resist depends on your reaction and ability to observe the enemy really fast.

Along the way you'll need to focus on your enemy ability. Will you be able to resist an amount of time on different levels? Your reaction, accuracy and agility will help you to escape form each level. Do you have a good reaction? Try to evadate and avoid obstacle!

And every level will get harder and harder, especially on the last levels. You'll be studing each enemies,what kind the ability they have and speed. It's not all just jumping and get throw obstacles, you know.

Action game with Adventure

Try to escape from different territories, and improve your reaction

Collect diamonds and birds, you will be able to buy new characters

Remember the password in order to open new levels

Beautiful game and different amazing places arround the world
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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