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Introducing Machine's Ground, a post-apocalyptic top-down action game!

Machine's Ground takes you to a world where civilization has collapsed for unknown reasons. Communication and culture among humans have vanished, replaced by machines and mutants who now dominate the world. Nestled within the ruins of a secret military facility in the Middle Eastern desert, you'll find a place where remnants of an ancient civilization coexist with unknown dangers.

You play as a veteran scavenger with a lost memory. While exploring the ruins of the military facility, you encounter a survivor from the bygone era named Alizé, who reveals the secret hidden deep within the base—an opportunity to restore the wasted world. Determined to save humanity, you embark on a journey.

This place is teeming with hostile machines and threatening mutant creatures, all eager to repel intruders. Engage in real-time combat, confront enemies, and obtain valuable weapons through dungeon exploration that you must repair and upgrade.

Survive by showcasing your skilled combat techniques and strategies in battles against various adversaries. Find card keys to unlock doors and prove your abilities in intense boss fights.

Download Machine's Ground now and immerse yourself in a world full of post-apocalyptic dangers and thrilling adventures.
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV


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