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Dive into the abyss and unravel its mysteries in "Made in Abyss: Journey's Dawn," the ultimate ARPG roguelike game based on the hit anime series, メイドインアビス Experience the thrilling continuation of the story with Season 2 and the epic movie, "Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul."

In this captivating game, you'll embark on an endless adventure, delving deeper into the unknown history of the infinite abyss. Explore the underground world brimming with biotechnology, energy, and otherworldly elements. But be warned, the ruins are home to terrifying creatures that will test your courage and strength.
Every descent into the abyss is a unique journey, as the floors are randomly generated with different effects. Choose your path wisely, for each step you take will determine your fate. Will you fight ferociously or take a defensive approach to survive the perils that lie within?

Developing your characters is essential for success. Defeat relic monsters, gather valuable materials, and enhance your character's abilities. Refine magic cores, improve skills, and forge powerful explorer equipment to bolster your fighting prowess.
Unleash your own fighting style with a wide range of satisfying hits. Seamlessly switch between melee combat, devastating high-explosive magic, and precise long-range sniping. The battle is ever-evolving, so experiment with different weapon skills, adapt your fighting strategy, and unlock unlimited possibilities.

But you don't have to face the abyss alone. Collaborate with other brave adventurers to overcome formidable bosses. Recruit partners with unique abilities, strategically assemble your team, and unite to defeat the powerful creatures that guard the depths of the ruins. Gather your companions, synchronize your attacks, and unlock access to epic dungeons.
Prepare to be captivated by the non-mainstream bio-punk world of "Made in Abyss." Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing hand-painted artwork, enhanced by eye-catching special effects during combat and evasion. Encounter dark and bizarre alien monsters that defy the boundaries of science, taking you on an extraordinary journey beyond your wildest imagination.
Are you ready to descend into the depths of the abyss and discover its secrets? Prepare yourself for a breathtaking adventure in "Made in Abyss: Journey's Dawn," where bonds will be tested, and the true nature of the abyss will be revealed.
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