Play Masternoid
Experience the captivating world of an arcade reborn and embrace the meditative power of coordinated voxel explosions.

Master the art of destruction, in a place where your trusted energy blaster is your only friend.
Skillfully juggle and control multiple ultrasonic balls with great finesse and precision.

Prepare for an explosive adventure as you navigate through 50 meticulously designed voxel levels.
Prove your worth as an arcade legend, ascending the leaderboards and leaving your mark on Masternoid's vibrant universe.

Lose yourself in the captivating melodies of an adaptive original soundtrack, perfectly tuned to harmonize with your every move.

Whether you prefer a seated or standing position, Masternoid offers an accessible and engaging gameplay experience.
Grab a single controller, and get ready to blast some voxels.

Native 4K resolution
120Hz without reprojection
Advanced haptic feedback
Play Tutorial
Available on devices:


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