Max's Tales

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Welcome to a magical world full of adventures in "Max's Tales"! This 2D platform game,
has been carefully designed to capture the essence of Mario and Super Nintendo (SNES) classics.

Max and Lily, two brave heroes determined to recover a baby named Johnny, who many years ago was stolen by a fearsome Evil Wizard.
With a blend of unique abilities and teamwork, Max and Lily embark on an epic journey.
through enchanted lands, facing dangers, overcoming challenging obstacles and facing cunning enemies.

Throughout the adventure, the heroes will find several variations of levels, different challenges
and meetings with bosses. Furthermore, the game offers a variety of power-ups and secret items to discover,
encouraging exploration and rewarding players' curiosity.

With colorful and captivating visuals, an immersive soundtrack and responsive controls,
"Max's Tales" brings the nostalgia of classic games combined with a modern and challenging gaming experience.
Get ready to dive into this exciting journey and help Max and Lily rescue Johnny from the Evil Wizard!

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Available on devices:
  • Windows