Maze Runner: Jungle Run

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Maze Runner is an endless running game to escape dangers attracting runners to challenge.
Run, traverse through the craziest scenes to explore the city, streets and subways. and use the lying board to pick up the coin from below. Surf the train as far as possible to set a new high score!

Play new Subway Runner Race Jungle Run game. You can cancel the jump by rolling in the air. Try to stay on the roof of every train as long as you can. Swipe down anytime during a power jump to land instantly. Watch out for obstacles near you, run around the subway, city or forest, collecting all the coins you can.

Subway Runner Race train has different characters to Jungle Run, surf and dash in the Maze Runner. Find your favorite characters in the menu. Tricks, jokes and other favorite characters are waiting for you to explore. Unlock and explore the city, subway and bus. Every role has a different look and ability. What are you waiting for?

Improve your running performance, get high scores and collect more coins you need to spend and upgrade your props in the Jetpack super sneaker Maze Runner shop. Coin magnet 2x multiplier is very useful for you. In particular buy score boosters and mega head starters that you can use them to run your starting distance. Double-tap the screen to activate your hoverboard when encountering danger. it will protect your life Reach the top of the highscore list by increasing your multiplier.

Things about objects in Jungle Run 3D games:
- Hover board: Remember to double your hoverboard whenever you can and survive the crash.
- Super Sneakers: Use bouncy sneakers to jump over trains. Score .X2 Temporarily double your multiplier and reach the next level faster!
- Jetpack: Fly you into the sky to collect bonus coins.
- Magnet: Automatically collects all nearby coins. Coins will fly to you!

Maze Runner surf features
- Endless run to escape danger
- Jump, slide or fly in the sky
- Use and upgrade props enable
Jungle Run 3D game has begun. ryans run for your life now!


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