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About the Game【Game background】
Columbus? Magellan? Drake? Or Zheng He? Who will the Armada finally fall?
"Nautical Disputes" is a strategy war development game based on the theme of medieval resource plundering and navigation!

As a wise and domineering nautical adventurer, the player builds his own sea nautical fleet, and uses his resourcefulness and strategy to defeat the opponent's super nautical fleet.

world? territory? To dominate the age of great sailing!【Game Features】■ Real ports, rich levelsThe real and grand map of the seaport, the perfect picture, restored the port and place names of various places at that time, showing different characteristics. Rich level exploration greatly enhances the fidelity and fun of the adventure. The game covers rich gameplay such as exploration and naval battle, and constructs an extremely large real nautical world for navigators.
Cool graphics, super cool battlesThe whole people's sailing battle, passionately attacking the world's big boss, all players on the server cooperate together!
Use a variety of strategies to defeat pirates, cooperate with alliance members, and eliminate sea monsters. Massive rewards are waiting for you!■ Passionate battle, strategy is kingThe front ship clears the way and the rear ship escorts, and cooperates with the alliance's full firepower; cross-defense and intensive strikes, the invading fleet is wiped out!
■ Armada, The Return of the KingAccumulate materials, strengthen each part of your own ship, obtain more resources in the battle, and build your own fleet; in times of war, strength is king, upgrade the alliance to dominate the sea! Towards the sea of stars, officially set sail
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