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"New Worlds" is a base defense game where your main mission is to protect your command center from aggressive monsters. Build and upgrade defensive structures, develop your city, and use unique abilities to repel invasions and maintain defense. Improve your strategic skills and defensive capabilities in fights at various battle stations in a Sci-fi world located in deep space and different galaxies.

In this base defense game "New Worlds" there are a variety of aggressive alien monsters with unique characteristics and abilities. You will have to face fast and clever creatures that can quickly break through your defense, as well as powerful and armored monsters capable of withstanding serious damage. Some of them can attack from a distance, like artillery. Use powerful abilities such as bombardment, incendiary projectiles, or mining to destroy enemies and ensure the safety of your territory. Place and upgrade cannons, turrets, and other defensive structures, including missile launchers, to increase firepower.

"New Worlds" offers exciting and dynamic gameplay with a large number of levels of varying difficulty and various defense strategies. Improve your skills and tactics, study new technologies, and become an invincible defender. Can you withstand the onslaught of monsters and protect your base from endless waves of enemies? Take part in exciting space missions and develop your battle strategy for victory.

Game Features:
★ Firepower: a large number of defensive weapons and towers are available for defense. Everything from machine guns to laser and plasma guns!
★ Powerful Skills: various attacking and protective skills. Launch large and small bombs and missiles at hordes of monsters.
★ Crowds of monsters: this 3D game has a huge number of levels. A large number of diverse small opponents and dangerous bosses who will attack your base.
★ City: you can build not only defensive structures but also develop your city.
★ Free offline game: you can play this game for free without the Internet.

The update is in progress. Write us your suggestions for improving the gameplay, we read all your comments.
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV