Nomads in the Dust

Play Nomads in the Dust
Take on up to 6 other players or AI in explosive vehicle to vehicle combat
Blast, ram and outrun your opponents - an arena-based vehicular combat game that pits up to 6 combatants against each other in fast-paced explosive rounds.

Play online or solo against AI opponents - easily find opponents online with Steam matchmaking or use the custom game-mode to set up your preferred round & invite your friends!

Power-up your vehicle and gain an edge over your opponents with different weapons and upgrades
Find and equip powerful weaponry like the mighty Thunder Cannon, the rapid-fire Shredder or charge-up the Railgun for a damaging blast!

Repair & re-fuel your vehicle to stay in the fight & maximise your vehicle's potential.

Explore and learn 3 different arenas, each with their own environments, challenges and layouts
Caldera - Secretive entrance to a long-abandoned bunker
Parabola - Disused laboratory focused on para-dimensional research
Ash Forest - Cliff-based remains of a once vibrant forest
With more to come!

Choose your vehicle and customise it with different colours, decals and accessories
Unlock and play as multiple different vehicles with customisation options for you to personalise your ride.

Collect and equip different component upgrades to build a vehicle of destruction
Use your hard-earned scrap to put together temporary upgrades to take into the arena with you; boost your accuracy, crank up your speed, shore up your defences - and more!
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Available on devices:
  • Windows