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Operation Jaeger is a tactical team-based first-person shooter where skill counts but teamwork wins. You will witness the battles between the two warring factions, acting in favor of their own goals and objectives. You will be waiting for a lot of both PvP and PvE modes.Acting Parties:Renegades: Group consisting of mercenaries and various rabble, having no moral values. Hired by the Scorp Corporation to do the dirty work. They do not ask about the reasons for actions, if it concerns big gain. Despite the fact that they are mostly various kinds of criminals, they follow strictly set instructions and requirements, due to the consequences for willful actions. They are well trained in battles. Thanks to the black market, they have excellent equipment, mostly identical to the Jaegers.

Jaegers: Special Forces made up of ex-military and highly trained volunteers from all over the world who wished to join. A well-trained group whose goal is to destroy potential dangers on a global scale. They have the main task: to destroy the corporation "Scorp" that suddenly appeared, which brought a lot of troubles. They are subordinates of the hidden organization "Taiga", the purpose of which is to keep peacetime for civilians. They are armed with the best equipment from around the world.Game modes:Capture: The task of one of the parties is to capture the located points on the map and hold, capturing the required number of points, preventing the other side from doing the same.
Medallion of death: The task is to collect a certain number of tokens from the corpses of the enemy, while not allowing them to be taken from your team.
Team Deathmatch: The well-known mode, the purpose of which is to earn more kills for your team than the enemy. The team that reaches the critical point wins.
All against all: As the name implies, the essence of the mode is to score a certain number of kills before the rest of the players, having opponents of all users on the map.
Capture the Flag: Again, as the name implies, the essence of the mode is to capture the flag from the enemy's base, while preventing them from doing the same. The side with the most flags in their base wins.
Detonation: The task of the attacking team is to undermine the indicated zones on the map, having a limited number of fighters, while the defensive side needs to prevent them from being destroyed. The team that wins a certain number of rounds wins.
Search and destroy: The task of the attacking side is to pick up the bomb and set it in the indicated place, while the other must stop them, if the bomb is planted, the team must win be able to defuse it.
Special operations: The goal of the team is to break through the crowds of enemies by completing the tasks required in the task.
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