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Pandash is a strategic Roguelite that takes the player Ryu on a journey to a world where he receives support from a mysterious ghostly realm. In this Roguelite platformer, the player must traverse various areas to gradually free his world from the unknown threat.

During the game, the player can discover and use various perks to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles. However, these perks are not easy to find and require a lot of skill and strategy to obtain.

Each use of the perks disrupts the balance of the worlds. The current world and the ghostly realm must remain in harmony. If this harmony is disturbed, Ryu's strength falters and he will feel the direct effects. But perhaps there are also ways to take advantage of this imbalance...

The threatened world that Ryu travels through is full of secrets and dangers. The environment changes every time the player begins his journey. Each journey also means new challenges that he must face.

The goal of the game is to restore peace to the world by uncovering and defeating the cause of the threat. The player must constantly improve and strengthen their character to defeat increasingly difficult opponents.

Pandash offers a unique and captivating gaming experience that is suitable for both casual players and Roguelite enthusiasts. The combination of perks and the attempt to keep them in balance, the changing environment, and the search for peace in a threatened world make the game a new experience.
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  • Windows


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