Pipe Head Hunting Going Wrong

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Hunt SCP pipe head from scary horror adventure haunted winter forest, Pipe Head Always Follow You.

Our latest game, Pipe Head Hunting going wrong Horror story, is a first person shooter that will give you the chills! Run through deadly, radioactive pipe head in search of your target. Throw grenades, shootout enemies, and more to survive as you race to the finish line! With sharp graphics and addicting gameplay, Pipe Head Horror is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end!

In this game you are a Stalker, In you area forest attack by pipe head, find the pipe head and Hunt down.
No one can help you. You are the last hope. You mission is to find best weapon and kill pipe head before pipe head kill you. Always try to make distance from pipe head horror zone.

Find keys one-by-one, open the door one-by-one, Helps you friend and explore the secret of pipe head one-by-one. Pipe head is the most dangerous terrifying airheaded monster in the entire city! Siren head is very powerful. He is very tall and thin! His head is made up of siren. A strange beep of pipe head drives everyone crazy!
Now it’s my responsibility that how iam gonna face that pipe head monster!

Stalker survive in the radiation horror zone. Hunt SCP pipe head monster.

-Supported Languages (English)

• 3D action with first person view
• Realistic graphics
• You can shoot at Pipe Head
• Original story
• Interesting Gameplay
• Smooth Gameplay

Pipe Head hunting going wrong exclusive horror story is a first-person shooter mobile game where you play as a character who is investigating a haunted pipe head. The game is filled with creepy scenes, and you have to use your shooting skills to survive.

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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV