Polygami - Poly Art Puzzle

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Polygami is a fascinating and addictive puzzle game that immerses players in the colorful world of low-poly art. Featuring a wide range of artistic creations designed by our talented artists, each detail is constructed with simple yet refined lines that make completing the puzzle a thrilling and exciting experience.

The game allows players to explore various themes in low-poly art, including animals, fruits, portraits, and much more. With Polygami, players can unleash their creativity, focus, and enjoy their leisure time with challenging puzzles that both entertain and stimulate their minds.

Playing Polygami is simple. Players need only drag a puzzle piece and place it in the correct position according to its shape or number. If a piece proves elusive, hints are available to help guide players. Once all the pieces are correctly assembled, players will be rewarded with a stunning low-poly art masterpiece.

In addition, Polygami boasts the following standout features:

Regular updates of new low-poly art creations by our artists, ensuring players never run out of fresh puzzles to enjoy.
Smooth and intuitive gameplay that is easy to pick up and relaxing to play.
The ability to share videos of puzzle-solving progress with friends and family, proudly showcasing their low-poly art achievements.
Download Polygami for free today and experience the unique and captivating world of low-poly art puzzle gaming.
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV


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