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REAPER'S ISLE is an open-world, stealth horror game.

You receive a concerning message from your daughter, a paleontologist stationed on a remote island. After making your way to the isle, you discover horrifying phantoms from the ancient world. Restore power across the map to gain access to the main laboratory where you’ll discover the fate of your missing daughter.

Avoid phantom monsters while solving basic puzzles to restore power across the island at watchtowers. By hiding in bushes, or tall grass and moving carefully, you can avoid confrontation. Throw rocks to distract and maneuver skillfully around the phantoms. You must be cautious, as the phantoms will absorb your soul if they touch you, causing you to restart at your last checkpoint.

Explore the open world environment in first-person perspective. Study plants and creatures to uncover their mysterious origins and behavioral traits to help you survive. Discover logs and signs of former destruction to uncover secrets about the prior island's inhabitants.

Finally, after restoring power, venture into the lab in the island's depths where you’ll discover the fate of your missing daughter.
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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