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About the GameScary In is a Co-op Horror game, set in the post-apocalyptic future due to radiation called Solar, and you have to live in underground station where it connect to all the world station. but the time has come, the radiation is finally gone at least to able to live with it, and now you have to travel to the outside and find new place, but beware many solar entity lurking around, and you have to solve puzzle, find a key and many problem in the station, Start your journey now!Travel and Surviveyou find yourself in underground station, haunted by malevolent forces that seek to consume your very essence. Your only chance of survival lies in your ability to outwit and outrun the relentless horrors pursuing you.
As you traverse through eerie environments fraught with danger, you must stay one step ahead of your relentless pursuers. Utilize your cunning and resourcefulness to navigate through treacherous terrain, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles along the way. But beware, for the darkness is unforgiving, and every step you take may lead you closer to your demise.

Fight, Run or Hide the core gameplay involves avoiding enemies, hiding from them, and trying to run away. but once you know well enough of the entity your facing, you can fight them with axe, shovel, gun, traps and more, you can either use to

See through walls
Stun Them
Blind them
Heal your health and radiation with pills and safe zone
Unique Maps and LevelEmbark on a chilling odyssey through an ever-shifting labyrinthine world in Scary In, Each level presents a unique map, dynamically transforming as you navigate through its twisting passages and ominous landscapes. Adapt quickly or risk being swallowed by the darkness that hungers for your soul.

Find what's happen outsideWhile you travel along, you will find more lore to each of entity that you found, how them got created and how to avoid them, unfold the truth beneath the radiation, so you can rest in peace.

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  • Windows