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- Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Welcome to the amazing world of Scavenger - Find it games! We want to introduce you to one of the most addictive find-it games in the hidden object genre - a game with various objects scattered throughout a huge map hidden through time.

- Explore challenging interactive maps (swipe the screen to explore each location)
- Find missing objects and collect all the required items in the picture
- Earn well-deserved rewards
- Unlock new hand-drawn animated worlds!

Missing items can be anywhere - feel like a detective and find all the hidden objects. Carrots, mugs, needles, and more!

This "Seek and Find" game is special!
- Enjoy superb graphics on hand-illustrated pictures in these hunt and find games!
- Intuitive UI and UX
- Out find: Powerful boosters and Zoom feature.

Boost your spotting and detective skills by finding games of hidden objects on a huge map! Enjoy the happy hidden things game!
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Available on devices:
  • IOS