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One rainy morning your brother decides to go on a journey to find a legendary treasure. Worried about him, you decide to go after him knowing the dangers that guard the fabled treasure. Will you be able to find him or will he fall to a terrible fate?

Featuring a turn based combat system with quick time events on both offensive and defensive abilities allow you to stay engaged with the combat at all times. Several equipment options give you the freedom to build your strengths to suit whatever playstyle you like. Team up with partners and recruit the local villagers and even tame the wild critters to fight alongside you.

Platforming & Exploration
Several light platforming challenges will stand in the way of your adventure. Run, jump, and transform into various paper shapes to clear them. Equipment also functions in the overworld to help exploration such as smashing rocks with your hammer or cutting down tall grass with your sword to find all the secrets that await.

Quick Time Event Turn Based Combat
In combat, you cannot sit idle and watch what happens. Nearly every ability will require you to perform a "Chance Time Command" to wildly improve your abilities properties. You can also take the initiative during the opponents turn by actively guarding, countering, or risk it all on a well timed parry to reduce enemy ability effectiveness.

Partners & Guest Party
Along the way you will meet a few characters that will team up with you to further you abilities in both the overworld and combat. Additionally you can recruit any villagers or enemy in the game as a guest character to help out in combat.

Crafty Customization
Three different types of equipment allow you to customize your character to suit whatever playstyle you like. Tank, glass canon, healer, saboteur... whatever creative builds you can think of! Level up only when you want and only the stats you want by accruing Star Scraps from battle. Additionally! You can customize your look with various outfits and accessories.

Semi Open World Sandbox
When not in the middle of battle take your time to explore an interactive semi open world sandbox environment. Make friends, build and decorate a secret base, start a garden, cooking, and more allow you to kick back and relax before pressing onward, but don't wait too long! You still need to find your bro!

Multi-fold story
A semi non linear story allows you to travel to any area you want at any time, but watch out! Some choices you make may alter the outcome of the story. Will you be the friendly villager or will you be a nasty neighbor?

Featuring several different difficulties and modes allows for you to play the game at your own pace, but plenty of replayability to try the harder modes or some secret ones that offer infinite possibilities.
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Available on devices:
  • Windows