Scrap Warden

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Embark on an epic journey as a Scrap Warden, entrusted with the crucial task of cleaning up space debris. But here's the catch - what you do with this salvaged scrap is up to you! Gather enough scrap material to unlock a plethora of random upgrades, enabling you to fortify your armor, craft formidable weapons, and push your existing systems to epic limits.

Yet, be warned! Treacherous enemies and hazardous elements lurk within these celestial spaces. Conquer challenges and earn achievements to accumulate progress points, allowing you to level up permanent bonuses that aid in your progression through increasingly challenging areas.

As you master your skills, unlock advanced weaponry, gain access to new clearing areas, and confront powerful bosses that guard the gates. Break down scrap, upgrade your ship, and restore order to the vast expanse of the universe! Are you ready to wield the power of scrapping?
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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