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SeaFeud is an underwater arcade racing game made by students at SMU Guildhall. Players race on fish and dynamically change their “vehicle” stats by colliding and swapping with other fish on the course. While in typical racing games, players select their vehicle or customize their vehicle prior to starting the game, SeaFeud switches things up by defaulting everyone to a basic fish at the beginning of the race. Throughout the race, the player can swap to other fish, giving them a statistical edge. While on these fish, their stamina will run down before swapping back, encouraging the player to try different playstyles.Four Funky Fish TypesThere are four types of fish in the game, each with unique abilities and access to unique items. The default fish (Mahi Mahi) has basic turning, speed, and acceleration stats and access to the entire item pool. The Electric Eel has better speed than the default fish, better turning, and the ability to boost forward while leaving a wall of electricity behind. As a defensive fish, the eel can pick up and shoot forward bombs to impede those in front of them. The Swordfish, though having the worst acceleration, has one of the highest speeds. Riding this fish will give the players the passive ability to attack players that are within range and boost quickly ahead. As an offensive fish, swordfish can pick up and drop a whirlpool item that lingers on the course and slows anyone who runs into it. The Pufferfish gives the players a defensive ability by expanding and pushing any opposition away. It also is immune to any attacks while using this ability. Pufferfish pick up a boost item and use it to launch ahead of their enemies.Three Sunken CoursesNavigate through three beautiful underwater courses: Express-wave, Sea-nic Drive, and Night Fishtrict. These courses display a post-apocalyptic city that has been engulfed by rising sea levels. They feature decayed skyscrapers covered with algae and are populated with colorful sea life sprawling the seafloor.Eight Zany CharactersThere are 8 different characters that the player can choose from, all distinct with their own unique features and names, from Bruno the scuba shark to Kat the feline diver.Made by Students at SMU GuildhallThis game was made by a team of graduate student developers at SMU Guildhall over a 12-week production as part of their TGP2 course. Given the short development time, the team's emphasis is on quality over quantity.About SMU GuildhallRecognized as one of the best graduate schools for game design, SMU Guildhall trains the next generation of game developers. With a faculty of industry veterans and specializations in all four cornerstones of game development, we have been commended for our multi-disciplinary Team Game Production curriculum, which yields award-winning student games.
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