Simba: Where's my water?

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Update v1.0.2:

- Updated tutorial;
- Fix bugs.
"Simba: Where's My Water?" is an exciting game that invites you on an engaging journey with Simba and his friends to help them overcome various puzzles. In this puzzle, your task is to ensure a safe path for the water to reach Simba's home so he can enjoy fresh and clean water.

You will explore various levels, each presenting a unique set of obstacles. You'll need to use logic to create specific routes for the water. You must navigate obstacles such as traps and blocks to allow the water to reach the little house.

During your excavations, you may discover buried treasures. Connect them together to obtain water and progress to the next level. With the collected coins, you'll be able to purchase new treasures that will help you overcome challenges on the way to the house.

In the game, you can customize the appearance of the house and the bathtub by choosing from various customization options. This way, you can give the game a personal touch and make it even more unique.

"Simba: Where's My Water?" is an exciting game with puzzle and adventure elements that will captivate you. Help overcome obstacles and deliver the necessary water to Simba's bath.
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Available on devices:
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Smart TV