Smile, you're being filmed

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Welcome to the twisted world of "Smile, You're Being Filmed", a dark organization uses its influence to organize a macabre reality show.

Take a seat, and experience the most intense nights that babysitting can offer you.
A job of the best pay for an American couple who are leaving for 3 days and 3 nights.
Let's discover the mysteries that can be hidden in the shadows and darkness.
Everything is staged with impressive effects, drawing inspiration from well-known cinematographic and literary references.
Made with care and passion
Survive three nights to claim the money by repairing anomalies, but be wary of what is lurking. Your survival will depend on your sense of observation down to the smallest details.
Exploring the vast, typical American residence, discovered a captivating story, surprises and many references. Will you be able to disentangle the true from the false, will you be able to disentangle the shadow from the light.


Survive three nights by repairing anomalies, but beware of the killer who is lying in wait and ready to hunt you down! Your survival depends on careful observation and taking into account every detail. Explore every corner of the house, discover clues and use objects provided to escape your attacker. Scary surprises and unexpected twists await you at every turn. Can you unravel the mystery while avoiding constant danger? Up to you !
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