Solitaire Classic

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Solitaire brings you the fun, classic, and challenging Solitaire gameplay you know and love with a beautiful, modern design, and easy-to-read cards.Solitaire Classic has been thoughtfully designed to bring you ease and enjoyment while you play.
Tap or drag cards to arrange them in descending order with alternating colors. When you can, move cards up to the foundation to sort all of the suits from Ace to King. You can draw one card at a time for a more relaxing game, or draw three for a challenge to train your brain!
·Train your brain in Draw-1 and Draw-3 solitaire game modes
·Auto-complete option to speed up gameplay when wanted
·True random shuffling gives you an authentic solitaire game experience
·Left-handed Mode available
·Unique style of background
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV