In the near future, the world is under control of a quantum artificial intelligence known as “Adam”, attempting to assume the role of a god. Adam believes that the role of god is to be an object of awe — one of overwhelming fear. The mech weapons known as "Deus Ex Machina," feared as mechanical gods, launch a global invasion, slaughtering everyone who refuses to obey.

Close to humanity’s last stronghold, "Tokyo Ark," enhanced humans known as "Avatars" engage in ferocious battles. Their main weapon, "Scapegoat," is crafted from the remains of fallen comrades, in an endless cycle in which someone's death helps those who keep fighting. The Avatars have a saying in relation to this: "I'll make sure to pick up your bones."

■ Challenge your fate…
In a dystopic Japan, a dramatic battle between humanity and machines unfolds as you fight your way through hordes of enemies and colossal foes. Experience the power of VR with transformable weapons and special abilities!

■ …like never before!
The feeling of “overcoming an impossible challenge” will reward those who bravely fight until the end. Become one with the protagonist and face your enemies for the fate of the world!

Fighting in VR - the transformable weapons
You can switch your ‘Scapegoat’ between two different modes, allowing for versatile combat techniques, reach, and power.

■ The final frontier
Thanks to the power of VR you will face death again and again, and experience the emotional impact of a “story of life through death.”
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