Soul Survivor: Trials of the Goddess

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"Every season an Offering must be given to the Island, never to return - one Soul, a favored child of Irinia, in exchange to keep us all safe from evil...
Such is the nature of our Curse."

The elders tell a tale of this ancient island, humanity's birthplace, and of the Goddess Irinia who once watched over humankind.
They speak of the Goblins, the Beasts, the Dragons, and other progeny of the Three Goddesses - and of the peace that we all shared for so many generations.
But, what caused this harmony to fail?
Who or what is behind the Curse?
And why is humankind solely afflicted with this terrible fate?

You alone will venture to the island, not as an sacrifice, but as humanity's last hope of finding answers, and finally dispelling the Curse.
Good luck, worthy Soul!


Soul Survivor: Trials of the Goddess is a choices-matter, dungeon-crawler JRPG with roguelike and CRPG elements.

The gameplay features a unique "Take 3 Fight 3" mechanic in which both items and enemies are treated as a finite resource - you can take up to 3 "free" items per Area, and must fight 3 enemies in order to advance.
The player is allowed to choose which enemies to fight and encouraged to take the most advantageous battles based on their skills, equipment, and play style; however, only fighting weak enemies has its drawbacks, as there are powerful boss encounters awaiting every few stages!

Each Area is filled with secrets, unique environment interactions, and clues necessary to piece together the dark history surrounding the cursed island.
The journey is never the same twice - with map layouts, encounters, and item placements being shuffled every time a New Game is started! (with an optional mode to play without randomization)

While your quest will be extremely challenging, there are a wide variety of unlockable character upgrades to supplement the extensive level of customization provided to the player character. Should you lose all three of your starting Lives, your Soul will live on with the ability to carry over unlocked upgrades to the next save file.


8-bit retro graphics and chiptune soundtrack
In-depth character customization
Unlockable upgrades
Player choice affects the outcome of more than just battles
Lives system enables players to become more powerful after being defeated
Randomized gameplay for incredible replay value
3 challenging Chapters spanning a broad range of environments
A vast bestiary featuring 150+ monsters
3 secret levels
Multiple endings
Play Tutorial
Available on devices:
  • Windows