Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld

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Bind souls and create your own monster! The souls of Allaar are waiting! You will embark on an epic journey into a procedurally generated world where you will explore a variety of locations full of monsters and traps. You have to collect body parts of the various monsters, and the rarity system will affect the generation of stats and passive effects. Each collected body part provides new abilities and capabilities, changing battle tactics.

Choose your path!Of course, it’s your skills as a player that matter most: dashes, double jumps and weapon mastery will help you defeat your opponents. But the enemies will become stronger, so have time to loot the body parts to strengthen the hero. More than 50 different body parts of different rarity and leveling system with mutations will help you strengthen the hero in the right way: grow a “tank”, develop him as a “glass cannon”, focus on melee combat or magic, enhance the effects of passive skills.

Death is not the endIn the world of Allaar, if you die, you will lose almost everything you had. But death doesn't mean the end of the game. You can find “Ink Tables” at the locations, they allow you to save several body parts for future runs. Choose wisely which body part you want to save for your next run.

The binding of Souls is never forgotten, it's forever! In the world of Allaar, all the talents that make life easier can be purchased for the local currency “Shards of souls”. Do not forget to buy talents, they will remain after death, but you'll lost “Shards”.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and unravel the mysteries of "Soulbind: Tales Of The Underworld"? Embark on this exciting journey and show your strength, skill and ability to overcome any obstacles.
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